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What's Included With Your Installation

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What’s included with your installation

Pricing includes equipment, material and installation time required to professionally install a new system. To ensure optimal performance, we adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended specification to match the right equipment to your home. All new systems are tested and commissioned on site.

Warranty Coverage for Your Peace of Mind

We stand behind the quality of our workmanship and the equipment we choose to install. The systems we provide come with some of the most comprehensive warranty coverage in the industry. Your installed price includes a manufacturer's warranty that can be extended to cover labour fees should you need a repair.

  • Avoid frequent repairs and the likelihood for system failure
  • Maintain energy-efficiency and keep energy bills down
  • Keep your air clean and healthy

Bonus Offerings

  • Up to $6500 off installation of a heat pump system
  • Free Wi-Fi thermostat with installation
  • 1 year free maintenance with new installation
  • Free merv 13 filter with complete system installation


  • Free 10-year manufacturer warranty with purchase of a new high-efficiency system
  • 10-years parts on most brands

Repair Promotion

Up to 100% financing is available*

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In Need of a Repair?

Services & Solutions

If you are facing a breakdown, need an emergency repair, or unsure if your systems are operating efficiently, we are available 24/7 to answer your questions and get you back to comfort.

Repair Promotion

Up to 100% financing is available*

*Conditions apply

Looking For Financing Options?

Looking For Financing Options? We understand the importance of having fast, flexible, and straight-forward options that allow you to make the best long-term decision when replacing or upgrading your equipment.

"Belyea really has great customer service and professionalism. Every employee I've interacted with has provided excellent, professional, courteous, and kind communication, both onsite and offsite. Thank you for a company that really makes a huge effort, and delivers on excellent customer service, professionalism, consideration of rugs and floors, and having great service personnel."

Mary W.

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